Website Builder OnePlatform
The engine of your auto business.
A website builder for any digital authorization task. Post cars in stock, special promotions, and create dynamic web pages.
Manage dealership network sites from a single location.
Размещайте автомобили в наличии
Создавайте динамичные лендинги
Выгружайте карточки товаров на другие площадки
Настраивайте SEO
Одним кликом устанавливайте дополнительные модули, подключайте виджеты и скрипты Партнеров.
Dealer sites are ready to go: add content, select modules, configure and go live
Suite of modules and tools to solve any E-com problem in the automotive business
Integration with any DMS and CRM system, content management from one administrative panel
Get up and running fast
Microservice Architecture
Set up your website and integrations
on the platform without special knowledge
no programming!
Dealers can quickly build a site to suit their needs using the block editor. Simply drag and drop the required block from the list into the page editing area
Efficiency comparison landing pages
Landing pages on One Platform and a third-party contractor
Landing on One Platform
Custom design
Loading Speed
1.4 seconds
2.7 seconds
Data Security
- car order
- payment
- call
- credit request
- call back
- callback form

- call
- call back

Support and renewal at CCO

- no additional charges
- automatic price update

- labor costs
- manual updating of prices
The ability to independently update text and photos
Every dealer can grow on their own with broad access to our products and functional modules
  • Online car appraisal
  • Loan and insurance calculators with approval
  • High speed of page loading and adaptive design
  • Video and 3D panoramas to download
  • Import from Classifieds
Digital Sales Platform
Smart Contract
  • Single interface for manager and customer with online deal configuration
  • Online car appraisal
  • Loan and insurance calculators with approval
  • Car Reservation/Online Prepayment
Technological advantages
of the site on OnePlatform

Technologies allowing you to render the sites on our servers before the user sees them. Site layout using reactive technologies that significantly improve the quality and speed of the site
Each site is built on its own block editor, the dealer can add their own floors to centrally updated pages, increasing their weight in SEO

Easy to manage admin panel, intuitive management system that allows you to add content without any special knowledge or programming

The platform is organized in such a way that even if the central core is unavailable, site visitors will continue to browse pages and send requests without problems

Very fast
Flexible and traffic-generating
Very simple admin panel
High standards of service, omni-channel system of interaction with customers, including chat and task tracker.
Prompt communication with the support team via live chat
Professional services on demand
Knowledge base and webinars to help you get the most out of your website and online sales
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