Smart Contract

Omnichannel Retailing

  • Enable online car sales of new and used within 1 day to increase turnover ratio
  • Get "smart" leads with confirmed interest which you don't need to qualify straight to your CRM

Save your time and the time of your customers - sell cars without contact!

Full information on purchase conditions: trade-in, credit, insurance, leasing
Transparent pricing: customer sees all the benefits and services
Online booking: advance payment and full payment
Increase of conversion into a deal by 30%.
Car search
Rebates & benefits
Trade-in evaluation
Final deal terms and online prepayment

Transparent car buying process
Documents upload
F&I calculation and approval
Car pickup or delivery
  • Buyers can request real photos of the car. After receiving a notification, the manager can send the photo directly to the deal card
  • Customers can evaluate their cars not only on Auto.ru, but also with Max Poster
  • Integration with eCredit platform. Customers can apply, calculate credit and get feedback on the partner platform in real time, without leaving the transaction card
  • Integration with FAST insurance aggregator. Automatically receive insurance calculations
  • For banks, there is an option to disable cash purchase
  • Detailed configuration of email notifications for the widget. You can choose which types of notifications you want to receive
Loan calculator (Credit)
  • Calculation and credit payment display on the detailed page of the car
  • Selection of a loan program according to the client's parameters (down payment, residual payment, loan term)
  • Transmission of information about the selected loan program to the transaction application
  • Widget for calculating the loan for any page of any site. If you place one calculator on the page, the conversion rate is 3%
Online Trade-In Car Assessment
  • Integration with Avto.ru
  • Saving of data on trade-in cars on the client's way
  • Dealer's ability to make corrections to the automatic car valuation

Efficiency and possibilities:

Per 30 evaluations 1 sale

Conversion from targeted visitor to application 5-6%

Online appraisal widget for any page on any website
    Insurance calculator
    • Integration with leading insurance companies
    • No need to visit the office to draw up an insurance policy
    • The policy is always with the customer - in his mailbox
    • 100% policy validity guarantee
    • Reliable protection of customer information and operations on registration and payment of insurance. No risk of fraud

    Access control and data storage system guarantees data privacy
    Access to any private data is possible only by confirming access rights and only for the owner of the data (i.e. only under his/her own client)

    Backups and hashing of data

    Test data on access to it

    OWASP TOP-10 Compliance
    • User session lifetime is 30 minutes, during token life authorization tokens are rotating
    • User authorization via sms-code
      Access Control
      Several types of users can be added to the system. Owner and administrator accesses allow to control managers' work, conversion rate and results for each transaction and see the whole picture

      What's inside
      Full functionality is available inside for the client to make a deal online
      No hidden terms - manager and client look at the same interface and conduct the transaction at the same time
      • Online car valuation
      • Loan calculator with approval
      • Insurance calculator
      • Deposit of benefits, services, equipment
      • Online prepayment and full payment
      • Generating an offer
      • Leasing calculator
      Many different channels are available for communication with the clients
      • Online chat
      • Notifications about deal conditions (WhatsApp, SMS)
      • Sending special terms for the client directly to the CP
      • Possibility to create several contracts
      • Exchange of photos and documents
      Variety of marketing tools to increase conversion and lead generation. Integration with dealer systems
      • Helpful tips with instructions
      • Counter of the number of vehicle views
      Smart Contract in numbers
      conversion of leads to transactions
      of applications for trade-in credit
      of time for lead processing

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