Give customers a better brand contact experience, make every dealership marketer's life easier
The digital OEM ecosystem
  • Central content
    We provide full integration with distributor databases

  • Standards conformity
    All the blocks of the designer are coordinated by the distributor, ensuring strict brand identity and visual compliance with standards
  • Access to statistics
    Automated real-time dashboards let you see all the web stats of your dealership sites
  • Monitoring
    Forget about monitoring, our support team takes care of everything and reports for you
Using CUS system, we help our clients to solve the problem of timely content delivery on dealer network sites

The main brand content on dealer sites is always up-to-date and updated automatically - you no longer need to keep track of price updates, price lists, and expiration dates of brand promotions

Images are automatically loaded into the "Cars in stock" module, so that each dealer can show the customer his stock as quickly as possible
Central update system
Dealer's local content to promote his tasks, search engine optimization. Dealer just need to add their own blocks, while the overall concept remains harmonious and in the guides
Dealers can use central or local services, calculators, and modules. Integrate with various aggregators and install their own scripts and extensions

Showcases for new and used cars
Reservation and prepayment
Use full-featured
services and modules

Credit and insurance calculators
Online Vehicle Assessment
Professional servers with fault-tolerant architecture
Secure data storage
High startup speed
Microservice architecture
Dealership platforms
WAYRO in numbers
15 000
leads per month
50 000
cars daily
digital showcases for brands
1,4 с.
seconds loading speed
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